Thursday, 25 March 2010

Reducing Energy Consumption and Costs for Land Securities

ADIAN Consulting, recently concluded Phase 1 of an estate-wide air conditioning inspection project for Land Securities, the successful delivery of which contributed to 4% of the company’s plans for a 10% CO2 reduction commitment. Land Securities portfolio in London totals some sixty buildings, some of the capital’s prime office and retail space, all of which is subject to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

ADIAN Consulting Ltd (ADIAN) were initially shortlisted alongside others to perform trial air conditioning inspections, but the quality of the consulting advice, reporting and the additional steps ADIAN took ensured they would secure the remainder of the London Portfolio. Richard Weavers, Head of Technical Management – Land Securities explains:

"Rather than ticking a box, ADIAN went that extra step and produced a report that allowed us to work on the performance of that building.”
Demonstrating how Land Securities could take compliance one step further enabled ADIAN to identify reductions in building energy consumption and running costs. Once new buildings are inhabited their operating parameters can be made to work more flexibly than those of the original design. This includes, for example, the widening of humidity control differentials to allow a less rigid operating band. This change in settings, while having no adverse impact on the occupants’ comfort, has a significant impact on reducing energy consumption.

Taking this concept further, ADIAN conducted workshops for the Land Securities operational teams to explore further refinement and improvement opportunities in the design process and the operation of its air conditioning systems. As a result of its structured approach to the air conditioning projects, Land Securities commissioned ADIAN to carry out further energy management assignments focusing on electricity use in buildings. As Richard Weavers says:

“ADIAN has a very honest approach. They are very customer focused, and very environmentally aware. These are three things that Land Securities very much believe in, so there is an affinity between the two organisations.”

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